Inspiring creativity

Andrea Budgey, Chaplain, Trinity College


Roshni Jayawardena, MDiv Student, Trinity College (Panelist)

“As a student learning liturgy, I often speak to Andrea about how to shape liturgy for the Eucharist, Daily Offices, and Feast days, which work to creatively bring people closer to God. These creative liturgy discussions have included focuses on song, prayer, and movement for worship.” – Roshni Jayawardena

The Reverend Andrea Budgey, Chaplain at Trinity College, and Roshni Jayawardena, a second year M.Div student, inspire creativity through the liturgy they plan together. Through their collaboration and discussions these two women work together, and with others, to make liturgy accessible and meaningful for the variety of students, faculty, and guests in the Trinity College Chapel.



Inspiring friendship

Leanna Cappiello, Social & Community Coordinator, St. Basil’s Parish; M.T.S Student, Regis College


Claudia Miatello, Assistant Director, Ernst & Young; M.T.S Student, St. Michael’s College

“Leanna and I were partners in an art class at Regis College. As students, we were asked to meditate on a bible passage and draw whatever image came to mind. We then came together to share our artwork and experience.” – Claudia Miatello
The course, offered by Regis College, tries to revive the practice of art as prayer.” Students are asked to approach the art with a proper attitude by suspending their judgment, abandoning their self-reflective egos, setting up a supportive atmosphere, listening, letting go of expectations of a finished product and allowing themselves to be co-creators of the work of art with God.
Their friendship took off from there.
“You get to know a lot about a person through their art. Leanna is bright, charming, and has a warm smile that really acknowledges other people.” – Claudia Miatello

Inspiring learning

Roshni Jayawardena, M.Div Student, Trinity College, Panelist

“I was raised in a multi-faith home with an Anglican mother, Buddhist father and Hindu grandmother.  I believe that this environment inspires me, and hopefully others, to learn about interfaith dialogue and a deeper understanding of God in the world.” – Roshni Jayawardena 

Roshni Jayawardena is in her second year at Trinity College pursuing her Masters of Divinity, seeking ordination as a Postulant with the Diocese of Toronto. She has a background in Communications, Political Science, Event Management and Women & Gender Studies. She works to inspire learning as she focuses on where her educational background intersects with her faith and call towards ministry. 

Inspiring celebration

Susan Eng, M.Div Graduate, Wycliffe College

“I come from a cultural background of female infanticide that is still being practiced in some parts of China today. So I grew up in an environment that despised femaleness. And yet I am here as evidence of a gracious God who loves me just as God created me to be – a woman.”

Susan’s inspiration comes from celebrating the gift of life! She obtained her M.Div from Wycliffe College in 2015. Susan watches with delight and surprise as Christ redeems her life to the uttermost and continues to be amazed by the kindness, grace and goodness of an all-loving God as she discovers her place in His Body and the world.

Inspiring success

Joshna Maharaj, Activist Chef

Experimenting with chilies, tamarind, vinegar and spices in a humble kitchen of an ashram amid the quiet mountains of India in the early 2000s, Joshna Maharaj, a former South African college student with a degree in religious studies from McMaster University, never imagined she would one day be nominated for the Basque Culinary World Prize – the Nobel Prize equivalent in the culinary world. Meet the woman, hear her story and be inspired by this healing experience through food.