A Participatory Art Performance Event

“Ask Your Sister: Voice Recognition”
Hart House, March 8, 2017 4-5:30 PM

This art project addresses the question: How do women theologians do theology differently than men? It proposes a multiplicity of answers, in real time, creating at the same time a living archive of the responses.
Six women theologians, from a variety of faith traditions, will be seated in a semi-circle at six round tables, with an empty chair across from each of them. Participants are invited to sit and ask the sister a theological question. The question and the answer will be printed as they are spoken, using the built in microphones of iPads or smart phones. The sister will take a selfie of herself and the asker.
The text of the question and the answer, and the selfie, will be sent remotely to a printer across the room. Each asker will take the 8 1/2″ x 11″ printed sheets from their session, to a pan of melted beeswax, beside the printer. The sheets of paper will be dipped, by a volunteer, in the aromatic beeswax. The asker will then hang the sheets on free-standing clotheslines in the middle of the semicircle.
The project plays with the ideas of leading edge technology used in an art setting, and very low tech, organic processes which reference women’s tradition work. The participants, working together, will create a living archive as the project unfolds.
Artist: Robin Pacific 416-994-9980, robin@robinpactific.ca, http://www.robinpacific.ca