Inviting inspiration…

On March 8, 2017, the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, you are invited to be inspired and to inspire others.

Join us in celebrating a century of women in theology (WIT) in the Great Hall at Hart House!

Events include:

A panel discussion with: 

Joshna Maharaj, Activist, Chef
Ronda Nychka, Former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada; Anglican Priest
Roshni Jayawardena, Trinity College MDiv Student


Interactive art exhibition

Robin Pacific, Artist


Award Ceremony honouring:

Mary Jo Leddy, PhD, CM, Author, Professor, Theologian, Social activist


Gala dinner

Menu created by our panelist Joshna Maharaj, Activist Chef and nominee for the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize.


Participate in our Be Inspired Program. Notable women in theology will be paired with female theology students of a different denomination or faith for one day. Students (mentees) will receive:

  • a free admission ticket to the celebration, paid for by her mentor;
  • a one day coaching opportunity to talk to a woman in theology about her experiences in theology;
  • personalized advice on the different career options and the strengths needed to perform well; and
  • the support and confidence to persevere in theological endeavours.

Mentors will receive:

  • the opportunity to make a difference to a new generation of women;
  • to help build up and encourage the presence and voices of women in academia, the church and the world;
  • to foster a sense of ecumenism.

Click here for ticket information.

Check back with us as photos and bios of women in theology will be added as we count down to the event.

Living Her Yes! Celebrating Women Driven By Love


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