Inspiring humour

Leanna Cappiello, Social & Community Coordinator, St. Basil’s Parish

“Sometimes people let fear get in the way, me included. But is this the way we want to live and love? Or should we imagine a better life full of things better than we imagine? The word “courage” comes from the Latin word Cor, which refers to the heart. I think a big part of courage is joy and laughter. Humour is not always “funny” but “lighthearted” and “open”. We all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.” – Leanna Cappiello

Leanna Cappiello holds her Bachelor in Drama in Education & Community, went on to complete her Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University, and is currently pursuing her M.T.S. at Regis College. Leanna’s work has landed her in classrooms, hospitals, theatres and campuses. She has been an intern with Salt+Light Media, which led her to an internship in New York City at the United Nations with the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See. As a freelance writer, Leanna and has been published in both secular and religious media, including CBC’s Generation Why Magazine, Salt+Light Blog,, The Catholic Register, and Busted Halo. As the Social & Community Coordinator at St. Basil’s Parish, Leanna’s work centres around building community through education, relationship, and hospitality.




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