Inspiring friendship

Leanna Cappiello, Social & Community Coordinator, St. Basil’s Parish; M.T.S Student, Regis College


Claudia Miatello, Assistant Director, Ernst & Young; M.T.S Student, St. Michael’s College

“Leanna and I were partners in an art class at Regis College. As students, we were asked to meditate on a bible passage and draw whatever image came to mind. We then came together to share our artwork and experience.” – Claudia Miatello
The course, offered by Regis College, tries to revive the practice of art as prayer.” Students are asked to approach the art with a proper attitude by suspending their judgment, abandoning their self-reflective egos, setting up a supportive atmosphere, listening, letting go of expectations of a finished product and allowing themselves to be co-creators of the work of art with God.
Their friendship took off from there.
“You get to know a lot about a person through their art. Leanna is bright, charming, and has a warm smile that really acknowledges other people.” – Claudia Miatello

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